Project Description

The Bookends Rumination

We’ve been around a long time.  Humans, that is…Homo sapiens specifically.  Or at least it feels that way sometimes. However, every once in awhile I like to play the geologic time scale game in my head to see if that statement rings true in the greater context of geologic time.  It usually doesn’t.

During one of these recent brain exercises I was actually drinking some kombucha and this little visual idea popped up.  I call it the Bookends Rumination:

-Bacteria HAS been around a very long time (and that one holds up, even when considering the context of geologic time).  In fact, they’re some of the earliest forms of life in the universe (that we know of…ahem!…).

-Homo sapiens are one of the most recently evolved of the living organisms.  

-When you take a sip of kombucha, you are essentially bridging the gap of life in the universe as we understand it.

Therefore, your bottle or growler is like a nifty little time machine, no Phd. required.  Wink wink.