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Sanitizing and the Importance of Gut Health

Our gut has its own sophisticated and diverse ecosystem. This brilliant community of microbes regulates our digestion, immune system and nervous system, supporting our overall vitality. Many studies are exploring the connection between your belly and your brain, as outlined in this Tedx Talk and numerous other sources.

Gut Health Infographic

The key word here is “diverse” ecosystem. As we sanitize more than ever, which is critical to slow the spread of COVID-19, we not only kill off the bad, disease-causing bacteria, but also the beneficial bacteria that your gut needs for optimal functioning.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, ways to restore your gut health include movement, rest, minimizing stress, avoiding processed foods, and consuming probiotic-rich fermented foods and beverages.

You’ve likely heard a lot about probiotics recently, which are one of the forms of good bacteria. Doctors have advised us for years to eat yogurt after a round of antibiotics. You may not have realized that the recommendation is based on restoring healthy bacteria through probiotics. Doctors are less likely to recommend kimchi or other fermented foods that are less familiar in the western world, but some are starting to recommend Kombucha as the beverage becomes more mainstream.

Keep your gut balanced and happy with probiotic rich foods, your favorite ways to move your body, and whatever activities (meditating, petting your cat, coloring with your children, reading a book, or curled up with a bottle of Bluebernie) give you a sense of peace.