Project Description

QnA with our President

Last year, Jabez Boyd joined us as Aqua ViTea’s first-ever president. Jabez’ early tenure has been marked by lots of activity: two new Kombucha flavors, new distribution partners, dozens of new store accounts, and, not to be undersold, the introduction of a new ping-pong table to our production facility. Jabez has great consumer-focused work experience in Vermont and beyond, including at Burlington’s MyWebGrocer.

We sat down with Jabez to talk about him about his life and Kombucha:

Tell us a little about your background?

Born and raised in Ohio, high school and college in New England. I began my digital marketing and ecommerce career in San Francisco and continued it in Vermont until 2017 when I made a career change and joined Aqua ViTea.

What’s your connection to VT?

My mom was a ski bum at Sugarbush and later lived with my dad in Vermont shortly after they married. I graduated from the University of Vermont, where I met my wife who is originally from the Northeast Kingdom. We moved back to VT from CA to start a family of our own.

What attracted you to come to Aqua ViTea?

We have an amazing team. We are passionate about our Kombucha, our brand and one another. Our consumers love our products and the Aqua ViTea community is growing daily. We have strong retail and distribution partners. I am excited about the opportunities ahead.

What are your main duties/priorities at Aqua ViTea?

Sales management, investor relations, partnerships, executive leadership and ping pong.

How is Aqua ViTea different from other organizations you’ve worked with in your career?

The primary difference is that this is the first consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand I have worked for. I have had CPG and grocery retail customers in prior roles which has helped with the transition to Aqua ViTea.

Where do you see Aqua ViTea in two years? Five years?

In two years, still making delicious Kombucha yet selling it in geographies we do not currently server. I look forward to watching our team and resources grow during that time and continuing to bring new products and innovations to market. I’ll pass on sharing the five-year outlook…for now.

Favorite Kombucha flavor?

Watermelon Habanero

Favorite VT activity?

Having fun on the snow and in the water.