Project Description

The Authenticity of Kombucha

For 10 years, quality, transparency and authenticity have been the cornerstones of Aqua ViTea Kombucha. In that light, I am very concerned about recent developments in the Kombucha industry. We have a responsibility to inform and protect our consumers and we take this very seriously.

You may have seen reports about a new class action lawsuit against a major Kombucha producer alleging that the product is not real Kombucha. This suit, the third in recent years against prominent producers, highlights the confusion in the Kombucha market as imitations and watered-down products continue lining the shelves and consumers receive false information about the contents of these beverages.

The most concerning misinformation is around alcohol levels in Kombucha. Aqua ViTea’s microbiologist performs regular internal testing (via our headspace gas chromatograph) that shows many popular Kombucha products currently sold as non-alcoholic exceeding the 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) legal limit. This lack of transparency is not only misleading, it is dangerous for children, people in recovery and others who cannot tolerate alcohol.

At Aqua ViTea, everyone on our team is driven by the mission of bringing authentic, great tasting, non-alcoholic Kombucha to our customers. We view ourselves as stewards of a 2,000-year-old Kombucha brewing tradition.

However, in the modern age, relying on ancient traditions alone is not enough. We have made a commitment to stay on the forefront of brewing innovation by making significant investments in new technologies that allow us to reliably control alcohol levels while protecting the authentic taste and active properties of our Kombucha.

As the founder of Aqua ViTea, I commit to the following pledge for every ounce of Kombucha we produce.

Jeff Weaber

Founder – Aqua ViTea