Project Description

Since late summer, you’ve seen the shenanigans of Sasquatch and his family, courtesy of our Artist in Residence and local yokel Mike Kin. The adventures of Sasquatch tell the story of our seasonal Mulled Cider Kombucha, a fan favorite flavor that, if you believe the legend, was invented by our furry friend. As both Sasquatch and Mulled Cider prepare to enter hibernation, Mike has a few parting thoughts for you to ponder until they return next summer. (if you missed Mike’s introduction of Sasquach please read PART ONE)

“As we cross the threshold from the days of waning light to those of waxing, we see both the stories and brews of our old Mulled Cider Kombucha artisan and friend, Sasquatch, put to rest for the season. Their efforts at collecting, processing and caring for this concoction are legendary both in scope and secrecy with nary a physical hint left behind for us to corroborate the actual existence of their efforts.

Had they actually been lurking amongst fire-colored foliage to the surprise of visiting leaf peepers?

Were they really tending volcanic caldera as heat sources to prepare the brews for this festive libation?

Did they really feel the urge to participate in our human constructed rituals of candy gathering and costuming?

Could they seriously have woven enormous cornucopia to gather the harvest bounty on their backs?

Or was it all a parallel story, leaked to us through the veil of a universe still steeped in mystery such as could be viewed only through the cosmic portal of a snowglobe.