Project Description

Transmogrified: The Wobbly Chapman

Last week, when the temperatures in Vermont dipped to -30 with wind chill, I reveled in the wintery temps that were so elusive last year while simultaneously reaching for the warmest clothes, foods, and drinks possible. Playing outside in temperatures like that can be invigorating but also dangerous. So instead of hitting the slopes, I decided to cozy up at home.

Among my stockpile of “hibernation” supplies? Aqua ViTea’s Mulled Cider Kombucha and a bottle of Appalachian Gap Distillery’s Ridgeline Whiskey.

If I had a wood-fired stove and a rocking chair, the sight would have been quite picturesque, but I managed all the same. Sitting in an old, overstuffed chair in front of the electric heater with a cat on my lap and a Wobbly Chapman in my hand was the perfect way to spend Saturday night.

Hopefully temps this Winter will remain seasonable – which, for those of us in the North Country – means a few more incredibly cold days. As snow covers the ground and frost creeps up the windows, think about trying a refreshing twist on your grandfather’s old Mulled Cider & Bourbon recipe. He might have grumbled about ruining good Bourbon with “kombu-what?”, but I’m guessing you’ll readily reach for a second one after your first sip.


  • 4 fl oz Aqua ViTea Mulled Cider Kombucha
  • 1 fl oz Appalachian Gap Distillery’s Ridgeline Whiskey
  • Twist of orange for a garnish


  1. Combine the mulled cider kombucha and bourbon in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until very cold.
  2. Strain mixture into a glass with 2-3 ice cubes.
  3. Garnish with a twist of orange and serve.

Always remember to drink ridonkulously responsibly.