Project Description

The 10% Myth: Give your thoughts some wiggle room.

While growing up, the idea that we as humans only use 10% of our brain was popular and for me, comforting. I imagined it akin to large tracts of wilderness, a space both in time and place where thoughts had room to expand and contract. They could wander without purpose until they found somewhere comfortable to settle in, or some other thought with which they might collaborate.

“Many great things actually do need this idea of extra space and time.”

No rush, no busyness, no need for them to fight against a crowd of other needs vying for your attention. It also left room for random, itinerant, and possibly brilliant thoughts you might have never imagined, and otherwise would have turned away for lack of room.

Nowadays the 10% myth has been properly debunked by neuroscience, but still holds power as metaphor.

Many great things actually do need extra space and time to be fully realized. Great cheeses, aged whiskey, cured meats, metal patinas, geological processes, even our kombucha. Their unique qualities reflect the patience and grace of giving things room. Take a moment and think about that.