Project Description

FreshKetch: The Monarch Butterfly

For longer than any of us (or our human-kind) have been around, there has been a cyclical airborne and terrestrial movement of paper thin jewels across these lands. A movement that stretches the already elastic borders of our imagination and had eluded our understanding for centuries until recently. These sleight lepidopterans travel thousands of miles in order to live out their genetically prescribed life without regard to the abstract notions of country, nationality, fear or history.

Danaus plexippus, the Monarch butterfly, not only challenges our notions of physical possibility in life history (they DO physically dissolve and reform from one form into another by way of metamorphosis…if that doesn’t challenge your sense of reality, then…) but also in the sense of what they will do to reproduce and spread their DNA. The annual, multi-generational movement north from central Mexico and subsequent single leg long haul back south is a testament to the power of life.

Let the example of these delicate yet powerful animals (and the others that move across plains, oceans and continents to create a life) open our hearts and minds to a world in which the need to separate ourselves from those we perceive as “other” seems obtuse and archaic. We are, after all, sharing the same blue marble.