Project Description

I’m easily excitable. I get fired up at the drop of a hat about a myriad of things; from music to cloudscapes, epic wraparound porches to matchbook art, funky animal adaptations to a perfectly turned phrase. If it’s fantastic, spirited, strange, genuine or just cool I’m all in. What’s more, if someone else is fired up about it too, my enthusiasm numbers go off the chart.

Sharing common ideas, images, sounds, stories, movements, etc… is essential to a healthy culture. This is the genesis for the Freshketch tradition. We want to be able to playfully connect with our community by tapping into all of our passions and see where our common ground lies.

The Peeper Freshketch is a perfect example of this. Spring is a season that contains all the possibilities of the months to come. Like an unidentified seed that is planted, it holds the energies that will be unleashed to bloom into the summer in any number of permutations. No other auditory experience quite exemplifies this as perfectly as the sounds of the Spring Peeper.  Anyone who has strolled a country road or driven through a wetlands with their windows open in the north country can attest to the sheer heartswelling sounds of the Peeper. Add to the fact that amphibians are incredible bioindicators of habitat health and you have one rich stew of awesome-sauce. Below you can see the process of developing the image for the Peeper Freshketch, from initial doodles (which included fiddleheads) to line work to final color. We hope you get as fired up about the world around you as we do!

Spicy Mike

Original sketchbook images.  Fiddleheads were originally included.

Playing with layout ideas.

Linework only

Fully inked and colored original.

Final Freshketch image with branding.