Project Description

Be Nice Manifesto

Salisbury, Vermont farmhouse, birthplace of Aqua ViTea Kombucha, circa 2007. I founded Aqua ViTea in the basement of my farmhouse in rural Salisbury, Vermont in 2007. Kombucha was a bizarre and mysterious beverage, and my rebellious nature and love of brewing endeared me to it immediately. I was determined to bring it to the masses and still feel a glimmer of pride when I see it on the shelves at a conventional grocery store, available to everyone as a healthier alternative.

Aqua ViTea blossomed over the years, and I find myself particularly reflective at this time. A dear friend and crew member would often say “Be nice to each other out there people,” and it became an unofficial company motto. We strive to Be Nice by creating a culture of mutual respect and openness, where we recognize we’re not perfect but can grow and learn together, and by dedicating ourselves to producing a healthy beverage that nourishes minds and bodies.

In 2016 we named one of our flavors Bluebernie, as our beloved Vermont took center stage in the national arena. In 2018 we created Peachmint, at a time when many in our country were fearful and shocked over the state of our nation. To us, it felt as though the Be Nice code was under threat. These flavors have delighted our fans for years. As we expand beyond our region, we recognize they’ve also alienated those that did not align with our beliefs or understand that for us it is not about politics, rather independent thinking and our devotion to kindness.

These past months have been a time of stunning global change no one could have imagined. We’ve experienced our own internal evolution, and with it comes making space for the opportunities and joy that lies ahead. Now more than ever it’s important to unify. To honor this shift, we’re renaming our two popular flavors.

Introducing Blueberry Social and Peach Out:

The change represents our collective re-emergence from fear and isolation, integrating the lessons we’ve learned and the miles we have to go to heal as a nation. We’re all in this together.

We will continue to evolve and explore where we can foster pockets of Nice in our community and beyond. Thank you for your support through the years and for being along for this wild ride.