Project Description

A little scattered, light reflection. Pun Intended.

“I also remember, as a radical act, how much is really beautiful and touching and precious…I go outside and make myself look up.”

-Anne Lamott

“Or down.”

-Spicy Mike

We have come to the close, if you follow the Gregorian calendar, of yet another year. That’s 8760 hours, 527,040 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds that have been occupied by talking, sleeping, eating, daydreaming, arguing, listening, worrying, laughing and other assorted activities. In our busy, distracted modern world, this is a natural time to become both reflective and anticipative, if given the chance. Or if taken.

As a whole, it is easy these days to get despondent with the incessant bleatings of the talking head culture. As they would have you think, the world is a combative mess that pits each one of us against the other, and the natural world in general. However, if one takes a moment to quiet the noise and look beyond and past the soot grimed windshield of the mainstream news, an assortment of wonder, beauty, kindness and awe is still out there to take in and experience.

I’ve recently been working on a personal series of illustrations based on natural phenomena and their poetic terminology. Parhelion (sundogs) and Paraselenae (moondogs) are the focus of one of these, but I hadn’t seen one in many years. Sundogs are spots of color or halos around the sun refracted by ice crystals. Several days ago, as I was driving back from a family trip to Long Island over the Green Mountains west of Ludlow, there it was…sundog. The sun was only 30 degrees or so above the horizon with two smaller rainbow pillars of light on either side. We looked up the scientific explanation that consisted of angles, physics speak and jargon. As usual, knowing the particulars of the occurence in no way diminished the wonder that it stirred or the full-being rush it created in me. Mystery still persisted even with the “facts” laid out in front of me. The serendipity of the timing only added to the sense of possibility it engendered.

That ephemeral light will lead us into this new year, and we hope you continue to chase it with us.