The Truth About
Kombucha & Alcohol

“Howdy. They call me the Spirit Wrangler…

For centuries, I’ve been cajoling alcohol from where it doesn’t belong and putting it into the beverages of consenting adults. I’ll tell you more of my story later, but it’s time to discuss a serious matter: alcohol in Kombucha. Most folks – including parents – don’t realize that many brands sell Kombucha with alcohol levels above the legal limit that are still labeled as non-alcoholic Kombucha.

Aqua ViTea has made a major commitment to extracting the excess alcohol from its Kombucha. Aqua ViTea doesn’t use my magic staff and satchel to get the job done. They rely on fancy new-fangled innovations to ensure that their Kombucha is non-alcoholic. This here webpage has a ton of info on all of these issues, so I hope you take a gander at it and send us feedback at”

“The ‘Spirit’ Of Cooperation Births A New Beverage”


This time, a tale of an alcohol problem, innovation and cooperation. A delightful relationship has blossomed between a Vermont beverage company and spirit maker; Aqua ViTea and Appalachian Gap Distillery. It all started with a big problem that turned into a big win. Read more

“Middlebury Entrepreneurs Make Vodka From Kombucha”


As the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” For a more contemporary example, just look to an industrial park in Middlebury. There, a partnership of beverage entrepreneurs is taking excess alcohol that’s generated during the fermentation of kombucha and making it into artisanal vodka. Read more

  • We only use simple, premium ingredients
  • Our natural live cultures & probiotics are developed during fermentation, not lab manufactured
  • Our Kombucha is always alive, vibrant and absolutely never pasteurized.
  • We use the latest technologies to reliably produce non-alcoholic Kombucha.

Putting a Spin on Our Culture


Aqua ViTea is one of only two Kombucha makers in the U.S. to invest in a spinning cone column – a machine typically used in winemaking – which allows us to extract and recover volatile compounds, including alcohol, without the need for excessive heat. And since the alcohol is removed at the end of fermentation, the active cultures can grow at their own pace, which results in authentic, delicious and non-alcoholic Kombucha.

Doc Y? Because Quality is the Best Policy


At Aqua ViTea, we like to say that we are a merry bunch of artists and fermentation geeks. But we also have a real-life scientist on our team: Dr. Bill Yawney is a microbiologist who oversees our food safety standards and state-of-the-art in-house lab to analyze the safety and purity of our products. A big part of Dr. Yawney’s job is creating standards for testing alcohol levels in Kombucha – our own and that of other producers.

We’ve re-released our Original Kombucha as The Tea-Totaler, highlighting our commitment to providing a non-alcoholic product.


All Aqua ViTea Kombucha labels now include our Alcohol Extracted Verified Seal, so you know what you’re getting (and not getting) when you drink our Kombucha.

Did you know we up-cycle the organic alcohol extracted from our Kombucha to create Aqua ViTea Spirits? To learn more check out our website.