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Great People Making Great Products

Our mission since the beginning has been to sustain and cultivate the core foundation of healthy, sustainable communities through a series of interrelated actions and principles.

We evaluate the environmental impact of our business decisions to remain mindful of how they will affect all aspects of living and life. We seek to source the finest quality ingredients and work with regional providers whenever feasible. We work to create opportunities not only for our team, but for you, that will make a positive difference in our and your food consumption, lifestyle choices, and career paths. We recognize and remind ourselves and you to acknowledge the responsibility to contribute and give back to the community.

A good company is only as good as the sum of its parts, and our team is a huge part of that equation. If you think you’d fit right in at Aqua ViTea, then check out our current listings and give us a shout! Join Our Team

Founder’s Story

In 2005, my wife and I moved to Salisbury, Vermont from Portland, Oregon—our home for nine years as Katina pursued medical degrees in Naturopathy, Midwifery, and Acupuncture. During those years, I became a brewer for The Lucky Labrador Brewing Co. I was in the unique position of honing the craft of brewing and fermentation at work, while learning about functional foods and the governing role of the digestive system from Katina at home.

Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions cookbook and the Weston A. Price foundation introduced me to Kombucha. I realized right away that I had found a way to do what I loved and sustain a healthy lifestyle. In those early days, I shared my surplus with friends and was amazed by its popularity with both the naturopathic and beer-drinking crowds. The more I learned about the benefits of Kombucha, the more passionate I became about making it available to my community.

This dedication has translated into Aqua ViTea and Salisbury Natural Family Health, allowing Katina and I the shared opportunity to educate and help people bring their lives into a healthy balance.

In health…

Jeff Weaber

The Fountain of Truth
As the original innovators of the kombucha-on-tap delivery model, we believe this is the freshest way for you to get your probiotic beverage, while at the same time, being a genuine steward of the earth.


Buckle up Buttercup, because you’re about to take a trip back in time here.

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Distribution partnerships are built, and Aqua ViTea expands its reach into New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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Our Heart is in Middlebury


Just as the Otter Creek runs through the heart of Middlebury, we like to think the beautiful heart and soul of the town and its sister town, Bristol, runs through our Kombucha fountain. Through our work, we strive to support these two communities that have supported us over the years.


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