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Why sell Aqua ViTea?

Because your customers will love you for it. You will be where it’s at, the talk of the town, all the rage, the shizz. And everyone will thank you for being a local, reliable source of an organically handcrafted detoxifying probiotic energy elixir that promotes general well being and makes people happy. You will become a hub, a destination, a watering hole for health-conscious Kombucha enthusiasts. You will, quite simply, enhance your community. And you’ll make money doing it.

Self-Serve Fountains

Aqua ViTea was the first company in the nation to offer Kombucha from a self-serve, in-store fountain. It is our passion and continued focus. The fountains provide your customers a way to reuse and refill their own containers while getting the freshest Kombucha available at a reduced price. We currently offer eight flavors on tap, plus limited batches and seasonal varieties.

Our Sales Ambassadors will work with you to define the best fountain solution for your store.

Grab-n-go Bottles

Our bottled Kombucha offers a quick and revitalizing pit-stop option for your customers on the go. They look great on the shelf, offering up a rainbow of flavors and original art created by our Head Brewer and Artist, Mike Kin.

If you carry our bottles and offer Aqua ViTea on tap as well, customers can refill their grab-n-go bottles at your fountain to save some money and reduce waste.

Contact us today to carry our delicious array of bottled flavors!

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